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Self-sabotage for any goal happens here. If you don’t believe you can do it, you won’t. And how do you change your beliefs? You work on your mindset and specifically your thoughts. Capture the negative ones and reframe them. Sounds silly but it’s true, it works, and I'm going to teach you how to do this that will carry through to all aspects of your life.



Eating macro balanced plates at the majority of your meals - no not macro counting - can help you take back control of your cravings which in turn will make eating healthier way easier and enjoyable. Consistency overtime will result in leaning out if there is weight to lose, increased energy, better moods, enhanced sleep, and true food freedom without dieting!



Physical Fitness 


Here we'll bucket fitness into 3 areas: general movement, strength training, & cardio. You'll learn the science behind calorie burn and why calories in, energy out (aka eat less and exercise more... ewww) is a flawed way of sustainable weight loss.

Don't worry I'm not asking you to start power lifting or even to follow one of my beloved fitness programs but rather let's first learn the why, assess where we are today, and build out your custom goals from there!




Sleep's impact on wellness & the science behind the link to your cravings and increased hunger after a poor night's sleep. Turns out it may not all be a lack of will power driving you to the nacho plate and candy bin!

Additionally, we'll cover how to create an evening routine that results in more restful, rejuvenating sleep. 




This module is focused on stress management and resilience building.

We'll cover the different types of stress and introduce techniques that help manage stress, improve response to challenging situations, and build resilience. 

Gut Health


This segment will overview gut health including understanding the importance of your gut microbiome and just what the heck leaky gut is. 

We'll also review how to support digestion, and what to look for to know if you need deeper support.

Included in the Group:

Private Virtual Community

App outside of FB for ongoing support, questions, & accountability.       

Education Modules

Recorded trainings on the above foundations to watch at your convenience. 


Custom companion workbook created specifically to aid you in your learning!

Bonus Materials

Access to resource library including planning tools, food lists, recipe inspiration, and more. 

Discounted 1-1 Rates

Members receive access to discounted rate 1-1 coaching calls for more personalized support.

Group Outcome Goals: 

1. Education - When we know why we apply. 

2. Uncomplicate the steps to reach your goals by crafting 1-3 small habits to begin building upon. Lasting change comes with this approach.

3. Community for accountability & support. It's way more fun this way, accelerates change, & is the secret sauce. 

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After implementing what Nicole taught in this course I have lost 4 lbs all while not starving and no cravings for sugar or late night snacking! I also have been sleeping through the night for the first time in years. 



Nicole is simply phenomenal!!! I've dropped my cholesterol by 40 pts, sleeping better, balanced energy, and learning how to properly build a balanced plate. I'm eating more food than ever and haven't gained a pound!



I've really dug into the balanced plates. I'm sleeping good, have been reducing my stress, and my face isn't having mini breakouts like before. I really enjoyed the program. Thank you!


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