Holiday Health Strategy: Top 3


The holiday season is upon us! I kind of can’t believe it.

Now, I get it - the holidays are like a tornado of tinsel and tempting treats. Focusing on wellness feels like trying to find your car in a mall parking lot on Black Friday.

But fear not, if you work to implement these 3 goals between now and January 1st you won’t be starting from ground zero in the new year. This is your holiday blueprint to kick start the beginner and relieve the pressure of perfection for the more seasoned health chaser.  

Holiday Strategy Recap:

  1. Protein Consumption:
    • Recognize protein as a vital element in managing weight, stabilizing mood, and sustaining energy levels. It supports muscle health and helps control cravings. 
    • Shoot for a minimum of 90g of protein a day or .8g-1g protein per ideal body weight.  
    • Overwhelmed?: Palm size portion at each meal.  
    • Still too much?: Include protein at breakfast.  
  2. Movement & Strength Training:
    • Consider strength training as a fundamental component in preserving and building lean muscle mass, contributing to metabolic health and hormonal balance. 
    • Strength train 2-3 days a week and walk/move as much as you can.  
    • Overwhelmed?: Take what you are doing today and either maintain or do one click better. 
  3. Quality Sleep:
    • Acknowledge the significance of quality sleep in achieving hormonal balance, supporting metabolic function, enhancing cognitive capabilities, fortifying the immune system, and restoring energy levels. 
    • Shoot for 7-9 hrs of sleep every night. Evaluate and implement if you need to create a routine or make edits to the sleep environment.  
    • Overwhelmed: If you are under 7 hrs slowly inch towards getting 7 hrs each night.  
    • Don’t sleep on the benefits of quality sleep.  😊 

Habit Tracking: 

Now that you’ve spent time learning the 3 strategies and deciding what your goal will be over the holiday season it’s time to add them to a tracker!  

Use the one provided here, pen/paper, or even your cell phone.  

Remember: What gets measured and tracked gets achieved. 

Habit Tracker

Beyond the Holiday Strategy - "Uncomplicating Wellness" Course: 

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But don’t wait until January to tackle wellness resolutions. Start now at least with the strategies in this series, and you'll be the envy of everyone else still searching for their car in that chaotic parking lot come January 1st. 

Wishing you a wellness-filled holiday season!